Full Service Landscaping
Our full-service landscaping includes all the items below.


Regular mowing service includes mowing, trimming and clean up of walks and driveways.


Aeration relieves soil compaction and allows a better flow of nutrients to the roots. It is recommended that you have your lawn aerated in early spring and fall for optimal turf health.

Whether organic (preferred) or synthetic, Georgia Green Grass will provide you with a customized program for your total landscape. Improper fertilization is detrimental to the environment and beneficial to no one.



It is best to have your seeding done in the fall to ensure a higher germination rate and allow time for the root structure to get established. Choosing a high quality seed blend that can withstand the heat and humidity of the Piedmont is very important.

Mulching trees, flowers and shrubs will help retain moisture and suppress weeds, but too much mulch will hinder nutrients and can actually contribute to a decline in plant health.


Pruning should be done using a corrective approach and at the right time of year to ensure that the plant will flourish. Improper pruning can leave a plant more susceptible to disease and infestation of insects.

Tree and Bush Installs

This is done using proper methodology and preparation as well as post install check-ups. Our natural soil amendments contain mycorrhizae which translates to healthier roots and a happier landscape.

Flower Beds

Seasonal color rotation of bedding plants will offer you a new look of different hues to match the beauty of spring or the crispness of fall. Mixed in with stunning perennial combinations of WOW, your flower beds will make you
the envy of the neighborhood.

Seasonal Clean-up
No matter if it is leaves, sticks, storm damage or any kind of debris, we have a solution for all of your clean-ups. 



Please contact our main office at 770-630-5661 to schedule an individualized estimate designed specifically for you.